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Festive Food to Order for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year

★★ See our Christmas Brochure (PDF) ★★ for full details of our festive specialities.

Our free range oven ready bronze turkeys are traditionally reared on a small family farm in rural north-west Essex. The family farm have been producing hand reared, free range turkeys for Christmas for over 60 years. They roam freely, foraging and eating a natural diet, without additives, chemicals or antibiotics. The turkeys are dry plucked and hung for seven days, allowing for a fully developed taste and moist, succulent meat. Please order promptly, these are special birds and numbers are limited. To place your order just visit our shop, call us on 07596 454 538 or send us an email.

Meat Naturally

78 Hampstead High Street

London NW3 1RE

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