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Meat Naturally has been proudly serving the Hampstead community for over 15 years

Call us on 07596 45 45 38

Our Meat

Beef - Our beef is Scotch Beef from traditionally reared herds of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Cross, grass fed and sourced from a co-operative of farms in Aberdeenshire and the North East of Scotland. The beef is traditionally matured on the bone, minimum 28 days for enhanced tenderness and flavour. Customers tell us again and again it is the Best Beef they have tasted!

Lamb - We offer only British lamb, free range, naturally reared & grass fed, at its seasonal best. The Organic Salt Marsh season normally starts from June to late September - our lambs come from a coastal farm near Caernarfon in Wales and roam on fields washed by the sea in the winter which grow special grasses and herbs such as sea lavender, samphire, sorrel and thrift giving the lamb its distinctive, sweet, light flavour. This is Welsh Lamb at it’s very best.

Pork and Handmade traditional Sausages - Free range Pigs reared traditionally outdoors from a farm in Gloucestershire. The same pork meat is used in making a selection of our meaty and tasty sausages.

Poultry - Norfolk high quality free range chickens reared outdoors with plenty of room to exercise. We also offer organic whole chickens delivered to us on Thursdays for a family weekend meal to be savoured.

Seasonal - British Game season starts with Grouse from 12th August with Partridge, Mallard and Pheasant from September through to February.

Festive Food - to Order for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year - we provide a Christmas Brochure with full details for ordering near the time, keep an eye out around November.

We also offer a selection of cupboard essentials, all chosen to complement our meat, organic eggs from Kent to a range of jams and chutneys from “Rosebud Preservers” based in Yorkshire where they take care to use fresh, flavoursome ingredients by gathering and buying in season from local English growers.

Quality and complete traceability assured

We are committed to working with British farmers who care about the food they produce, our meat is sourced from small farms that can offer quality meat by naturally rearing and maintaining high animal welfare standards - a happy and healthy animal produces the best taste and quality of meat. The close working relationship we maintain with a select group of farms means we can ensure total traceability of our products and guarantee continued consistency of the highest quality.

We work in conjunction with a family run abattoir established for 70 years and ideally located to source from livestock co-operatives within Gloucestershire and surrounding Counties. Being local to the area where the livestock is reared ensures minimal stress in transit and reduces food miles.

We source all our meat from small farms committed to rearing animals naturally and to the highest standards of welfare

Our close links to the local farming community means that organic, quality free-range and rare-breed livestock can all be sourced to customer requirements. Additionally we offer the opportunity for you to buy your meat from someone who knows their subject. We can tell you the age of the animal, where it comes from and how long it has been hung. We can offer practical advice to help select the best cuts for the purpose and then prepare those cuts to your specification.

About us

Meat Naturally started as a relatively new business venture set up by two business partners back in 2009. Between them they have more than 25 years of knowledge and experience of the food retail industry, and who closely manage the day to day running of the business ensuring that flexibility, quality, service and ease are the keystones of the operation.

Patrick Bourke is a qualified butcher with a traditional approach to butchery - he ensures all our butchery is done by hand with expertise and skill, the result is a more superior quality product. Patrick worked for a number of years at David Lidgate’s; nine years as meat buyer and head butcher in Harrods food hall and more recently as meat operation manager for the Daylesford Organic Butchery.

Farza Emami studied Business Management, with her passion for good quality food, her experience was gained within the organic industry by working for over 7 years with the management team of Fresh & Wild, the pioneering organic stores in London, followed by a further six years at Daylesford Organic as Wholesale Manager.

Opening Times

Come and see our range of premium quality free range and seasonal meat, poultry and game. We would be happy to share our knowledge and offer practical advice to help select the best cuts and prepare them for you.

  • Open: Tuesday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm
  • Open: Saturday 8.00am to 4.00pm
  • Closed: Sunday and Monday

Contact Details

Find us on Hampstead High Street between the King William IV pub and the Post Office