Meat Naturally

Festive Food to Order for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year - Download our Brochure for Full Details

Hampstead Community Market
78 Hampstead High Street
London NW3 1RE

Open: Tuesday to Friday
8am to 5pm

Open: Saturday
8am to 4pm

Closed: Sunday and Monday

Tel: 07596 454 538


Meat Naturally is committed to supporting small British farmers who care about the food they produce, our meat is only sourced from small farms committed to producing quality, naturally reared animals and maintaining high animal welfare standards.

Our close links with the local farming community enable us to offer organic, free-range and rare-breed livestock, sourced to customer requirements.

All preparations of meat are carried out by our own Master Butcher. To place your order you can visit our shop, call us on 07596 454 538 or send an email to

78 Hampstead High Street

London NW3 1RE

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Meat Naturally, 78 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE - 07596 454 538